Our goal at Angellyh Yambo Foundation is to provide an educational experience that makes you feel safe, supported, and inspired. We work with schools across The Bronx to provide programming and promote a positive learning environment that helps develop our young minds.


We are committed to helping students become pragmatic leaders, prepared with the life skills to lead, and succeed as positive and contributing community members. Our cross-curricular curriculum promotes both critical thinking and analytical skills needed for success in life. The school will be a place where students can build healthy relationships, develop social skills, and explore the world around them through an inquiry-based approach to learning.

Self-Defense Classes

The AYF Bullying Prevention Program is designed to teach kids the skills they need to handle bullies. The program will address bullying, cyberbullying and promote self-defense. Numerous real-life scenarios will be discussed in this interactive class so that students see how their actions can affect others. Students will be taught strategies for dealing with bullies both on and offline.


We encourage you and your child to attend these workshops together. We will provide engaging activities, which will teach you specific skills that you can use to help your child achieve academic success.

We want you to know that we take our role of helping parents be mindful of their children’s learning very seriously. We will do everything possible to provide quality, evidence-based workshops that are relevant and applicable to the current needs in your children’s lives.


When transitioning from high school to college, students will be faced with many changes. This can be a huge adjustment, so start preparing early. If you want to increase your chances of success in college, start with these tips on academic support and interpersonal skills development.


The AYF Financial Literacy workshop is one of the most important 21st-century skills, and it’s essential with the economic and social changes being experienced in the world. It includes students’ understanding of personal finance basics, money management, credit, debt, savings, and investments. 


The arts can be an effective tool to spur student achievement and increase academic performance and creativity. By supporting students with quality instruction and professional development opportunities, we can contribute to closing the achievement gap for students of color and low-income communities in The Bronx.

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