College planning is a fun and exciting step in the process of getting ready for college. Many families begin thinking about their student’s college applications as soon as they are born. From elementary school on up, getting your kids ready for college is vitally important.

When transitioning from high school to college, students will be faced with many changes. This can be a huge adjustment, so start preparing early. If you want to increase your chances of success in college, start with these tips on academic support and interpersonal skills development.

Preparing for college can be a daunting task, so it is important to plan! One of the first steps that college-bound students should take is registering for either the PSAT or Pre-ACT test. These exams not only serve as practice for college admissions tests such as the SAT or the ACT, but can also provide college admission officers and scholarship funders with a sense of an applicant’s aptitude. Early college preparation is key when it comes to college acceptance and access to scholarship opportunities; therefore, invest time in understanding the different components of college readiness and how they factor into your college application. Make sure to stay on track with your college preparation goals early on so that you are better positioned when applying to college.

High schoolers should begin college preparation as soon as possible to maximize the number of options available. After researching college options online, students should have a good understanding of what college best fits their individual circumstances, such as location and cost. This initial college information is vital for helping students discuss college finances with their parents, as well as plan how to quickly save up money for college costs. Additionally, high schoolers can create a resume detailing their accomplishments and extracurricular experience to gain an edge over the competition during college admissions. As college preparations can be daunting for any student, it is imperative that one begins looking into college as soon as possible.

The most important thing for students to do is make sure that the summer months are filled with accomplishing personal and school goals. Making plans for a successful summer can help students feel better prepared for the upcoming semester and encourage them to take advantage of their time off.

The goal of this program is to develop advanced recommendations in higher education for our students who are preparing for college, the principles of applying and preparing for college education. In addition, the aim is to create a working plan which furthers integration in higher educational learning.

Filled with tips and advice, this program will ensure that you’re ready for college. This college prep class looks at all the areas of your life that matter to young people, including career planning and early adopting a healthy lifestyle.

As we aim to be a key part of our students’ learning experiences, we will ensure that all aspects of the program, including curriculum, college prep programming and instructional practices are central to our goal of college success.


At the Angellyh Yambo Foundation, we believe that the future leaders of our world are being developed right here in The Bronx and we’re committed to helping them succeed. We designed our programs to engage our youth with the outside world, giving them the tools they need for success in the future.

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