Art Program

Program available for school class

Age: 8-18

Minimum registration: 10 Students

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: School Grounds

Art Instructor/Guest Speaker/Artist

Learn Art

Art has the power to transcend the boundaries of the everyday, transporting the viewer to a different world through the creative mixing of colors, shapes, and elements. This mix can allude to the real or the fantastic, or even draw from the artists’ own life experiences. It is often the blending of these two realms – reality and fantasy – which creates an intriguing conversation for the onlooker, much like what was seen in the movement out of The Bronx in the 1970s. Motivated by personal and social causes, distinct influences from this era were featured in colorful multi-media expressions which embraced elements such as abstract expressionism, pop art and graffiti art. Through vibrant colors and distinct characteristics that allowed for unique compositions, a style part realism and part myth was born from early explorations into color theory and expressionism set off by pioneering street art movements such as The Bronx’s own.

Creating art is a talent that can evoke feelings of healing and hope, offering a powerful source of growth and inspiration. Through the work of art, an individual can explore their emotions, which in turn can support positive change in outlook and frame of mind. Art can help people to cope with difficult times, enabling them to access different perspectives on life and opportunities for transformation. As such, art contributes to wellbeing more broadly by creating a soothing environment where individuals can experience the world differently through actively engaging with the creative process.

Visual, creative art has the power to strengthen our creative minds and invigorate us with a newfound appreciation for life. Recent scientific evidence suggests art can initiate changes in brain wave patterns and emotions, thus affecting our nervous system. By engaging in creative activities, serotonin levels are raised – which can lead to better mental wellbeing, as well as improved problem-solving skills. What’s more, just one creative project can be enough to alter a person’s outlook and how they experience their everyday environment. What this proves is that creative arts should be included in everyone’s lifestyle; it is not simply some abstract activity that is reserved exclusively for those crafty few. Indeed, creative expression through art can empower us with more joyful moments while enhancing our cognitive abilities, making us better people both emotionally and mentally.

Quality instruction and development opportunities equip young learners with the tools they need to close achievement gaps in The Bronx – especially for students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. By providing quality instruction and professional opportunities we create a space for creativity, excellence and success which ultimately enhances our lives overall! Through some of the mastering fundamentals like discipline while growing technical skills with artistry provides children with powerful tools that will transcend far beyond the classroom walls into their future endeavors. We strive towards fostering appreciation, engagement and development through visual arts as well as ensuring everyone has access to these invaluable resources available within The Bronx community.

Arts and music are integral to the creative minds of children. They allow young people the opportunity to express themselves, build on their technical skills, and ultimately unlock unique talents they may possess. Unfortunately, budget cuts have had a profound impact in The Bronx, where creative outlets are particularly necessary for children to thrive. Although recent years have seen reductions in funding toward creative education, it is imperative that society come together to ensure that creative resources remain available to future generations. Without creative outlets like art and music, we would be depriving our youth of invaluable pathways that can lead them down meaningful paths both socially and academically.

As a society, it is essential that we invest in creative minds and nurture the talents of our children. To ensure this happens, we need to provide special programs to stimulate their growth and keep our kids off the streets. These activities should create meaningful experiences and give children opportunities to learn new skills; thus, providing positive reinforcement for healthy development. With the resources available from the foundation, we can help empower our young generation with the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

The arts are an important and powerful tool that can be used to express talent and connect with others. They open a channel of communication, allowing us to explore our creativity in ways that traditional education would not allow. In addition to being a creative outlet, the arts have been proven to have a positive impact on overall talent development and motivation. People who engage in the arts tend to find more success in their studies, as well as other areas of life. By creating this connection between talent and motivation, we can promote a more connected learning environment for students of all ages and backgrounds. The arts can be used for much more than just sitting back and enjoying the performance – they can be utilized as a powerful connector, motivator, and educator!

Art allows creators to communicate their unique perspective on the world, expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings. It is a powerful medium of expression that reveals individual personalities through meaningful works of art.

We are dedicated to fostering the appreciation, engagement, and development of children. To achieve this goal, we work with educators, parents, and leaders to promote best practices in integrating the arts into learning environments. Students learn directly from the great artists and local musicians that have influenced contemporary art. Students are inspired to explore and experiment with new materials, tools, and techniques, as well as learning how to use life experience in their art making.

We aim to establish a program that will expand the opportunity for artistic expression and education in our community. This is one way we seek to address the many social issues affecting the youth in our area by providing them with opportunities for sustainable leadership and artistic skills. Our programs will cover both traditional and contemporary artists who have made their mark in their field, including oil painting, surrealism, graffiti, and muralists.


At the Angellyh Yambo Foundation, we believe that the future leaders of our world are being developed right here in The Bronx and we’re committed to helping them succeed. We designed our programs to engage our youth with the outside world, giving them the tools they need for success in the future.


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