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We are committed to helping students become pragmatic leaders, prepared with the life skills to lead, and succeed as positive and contributing community members. Our cross-curricular curriculum promotes both critical thinking and analytical skills needed for success in life. The school will be a place where students can build healthy relationships, develop social skills, and explore the world around them through an inquiry-based approach to learning.

Education is the most important tool when it comes to understanding and addressing the issues that The Bronx faces. By educating the public on these issues, we can bring a greater level of awareness to challenges such as poverty, crime, and limited access to healthcare. With this awareness comes empowerment to take meaningful action through community initiatives, policy changes and relationship building with local leaders. Education is the first step to making positive change for the community and will help ensure that The Bronx has a brighter future.

Awareness of the plight facing our most vulnerable youth is a key step in developing solutions to alleviate inherent social injustices. Adolescent students confronting issues such as poverty, homelessness and neglect are at high risk of becoming further marginalized when they lack adequate understanding of the barriers created by their circumstances. Education plays an important role in helping susceptible youth appreciate complex fault lines in our contemporary society that can be difficult to recognize even for experienced members of our community. Acquiring knowledge about existing difficulties enables more meaningful action to be taken to prevent young people from becoming victims again and instead become individuals who can take advantage of opportunities afforded by a community invested in social justice.

The pressure to succeed placed on kids today is extraordinary. Unfortunately, with this pressure comes a greater awareness of their mental health, depression, and anxiety among children. This makes it even more necessary for society to pay attention and be proactive in their efforts to ensure the wellbeing of young people. School performance, social interactions and self-esteem can all be adversely affected by mental health issues, yet with early detection and the right sort of support these issues can be managed effectively. It is up to us as adults to nurture children’s wellbeing so they can reach their full potential, both academically and socially.

Many communities are concerned with gun violence and its effects on young people, so it is important to develop effective prevention strategies that promote resilience and well-being. A youth awareness program can help address these issues by teaching skills that equip the next generation of learners with the tools to navigate challenges safely and successfully. Such a program will not only work towards gun violence prevention, but also strive for a holistic nurturing of young minds by incorporating elements such as mental health literacy, mindfulness building, peer mentorship training, and more. By providing meaningful support and education for our youth we can ultimately strive for more safe and successful futures for them all.

These programs are dedicated to teaching our youth about gun violence, resilience, and other mental health topics that can have a positive and lasting impact on keeping young people in school. By speaking directly to the issues of mental health and offering support for learning how to cope with difficult times, these programs can provide teens with much-needed resources and skills. Furthermore, these initiatives are essential for reducing gun violence in the long-term by teaching students how to recognize danger and resistance techniques. With greater investments in education that cultivate resilience in our youth, we move closer toward a safer society founded upon transparency and knowledge. Such programs provide invaluable assistance to our youth today: from providing counsel and guidance to promoting sound decision-making skills, these activities can make all the difference for many young individuals who wish to stay on the right path.

As teenagers take on the challenges of growing up and navigating the adult world, they may not initially consider that underage drinking or experimenting with illegal substances can lead to disastrous consequences. From decreased judgment due to impairments caused by drugs and alcohol, to costly mistakes and even overdose in certain cases, engaging in these activities carries real risks that require attention. Additionally, it is important to remember that addiction rates are also on the rise; peer pressure is further fueled by how easy it is for teens to connect online. We must encourage young people to make responsible decisions when it comes to substance use so they can avoid potentially life-altering circumstances.

Conversations with mentors around social justice issues are essential for the ongoing self-development of young people. Instilling a sense of reflective inquiry within everyone is beneficial not only for their own personal growth, but it also helps to create long-term, positive change in society by developing shared perspectives on these important topics. People of all ages can benefit from meaningful discussions examining social constructs and their implications – through these conversations, youths can assess how their own views differ or align with others’ and build an understanding that furthers critical reflection as well as action. It’s important to provide opportunities for holistic development around social justice discussions – there should be space for different opinions, creative problem solving, and thoughtful consideration of current systems and potential alternatives.

Our targeted programs effectively promote wellness and the development of life skills in helping youth establish and maintain a healthy self-concept and perspective for the future. Empowering them to become the strongest versions of themselves to deal with everyday challenges, build a positive self-image, increase their level of confidence, and create a healthy lifestyle for themselves that will benefit them into adulthood. Our program is based on ensuring that our youth have what they need (social/emotional/physical) to succeed in life.


At the Angellyh Yambo Foundation, we believe that the future leaders of our world are being developed right here in The Bronx and we’re committed to helping them succeed. We designed our programs to engage our youth with the outside world, giving them the tools they need for success in the future.

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"Doing good in The Bronx" is all about bringing people together to positively impact their community.

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